We have been refinishing bathtubs and other surfaces for over 25 years at Original Refinishing. Our refinishing process can give new life to your aged kitchen and bathroom fixtures, countertops and tile. Whether your fixture has a dated appearance or just an old color you can’t stand anymore or the most common reason: damage. All bathtubs and sinks, new and old take a lot of abuse. In most cases, abrasive cleansers are the culprit. Years of use gradually wear down the surface until it is down to the base ceramic, at which point it becomes rough and hard to clean. The surface becomes dingy, soap scum and hard water stains create an unsightly appearance. Some tubs are damaged for various reasons leaving chips, scratches and erosion. A leaking valve can leave iron and calcium stains which prove impossible to remove. At this point many people think replacement is their only option but refinishing is a less expensive, faster and more practical alternative to replacement


Five steps required to replace a typical bathtub.

This replacement procedure could inconvenience a family for days while workmen track dirt and dust through your home, and you and your family are without a bathroom. A typical replacement will cost from $2500. to $3500. or more. A typical bathtub refinish takes just a few hours, and you can step in and use the surface in as little as 24 hours.